AVEENO™ Skin Relief Range

For extra dry, itchy skin.  

How pleasant it is to have soft, supple and healthy skin! Beyond aesthetic considerations, the skin serves as a protective barrier and it is important that it remains healthy. Extra dry, itchy skin results from deterioration of the natural barrier that keeps the skin hydrated.

Anyone can have dry skin at some point of time in their life. However, when you get older, the skin sometimes tends to become dehydrated more easily. This is due to various changes, including a slowing down of the cell regeneration process.


Sometimes, extra dry skin is accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, tingling or tugging, redness and peeling skin. In addition, having extra dry, itchy skin contributes to the aggravation of certain skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, for example.


To restore the lipid barrier of your epidermis, there are simple actions one needs to adopt in their skin care routine for dry skin. AVEENO offers you the right skin care for extra dry, itchy skin. Formulated with naturally active Triple Oat Complex and shea butter, AVEENO™ Skin Relief products have been developed to provide immediate relief and lasting comfort for extra dry, itchy and irritated skin. The AVEENO™ Skin Relief Lotion with Shea Butter guarantees the delicacy you need for your extra dry skin. Lasting moisturisation of dry skin is possible with AVEENO™ Skin Relief Shower Oil. It is an excellent addition to your daily skin care routine if you suffer from sensitive, extra dry and itchy skin.


Choose from our range of Aveeno skin relief products below to sooth your dry, itchy skin.