The Science Behind AVEENO™ Products

We have spent the past 60 years working out new ways to extract the power of Naturally Active Ingredients, which have a profoundly beneficial effect on the skin. In this section we explain the rigorous 3 step process that our scientists go through to identify, screen and validate our Naturally Active Ingredients to ensure they maintain their natural strength and purity.

Picture of naturally active ingredients

In the initial screening we look at thousands of natural ingredients.


AVEENO™ scientists search around the world for plants and botanicals that could potentially deliver significant benefits in skincare. These are called naturally active ingredients. Preclinical testing is performed on the most promising naturally active ingredients to show their activity and stability.

Picture of naturally active ingredients Validation

We then validate selected naturally active ingredients


Clinical tests are then performed to ensure the naturally active ingredients’ mildness and safety, as not all natural ingredients are suitable for use in skin care. After that stage, we document topical benefits of formulations containing naturally active ingredients.

Picture of naturally active ingredients Development

Out of those selected, only a handful are taken to development


Formulations are then developed using the Naturally Active Ingredients. Clinical studies and in-use studies are performed to validate the safety and efficacy of the products as well as making sure they look, feel and smell great!