AVEENO™ Baby Products Range

Cleanses and moisturises your baby’s dry, sensitive skin, giving it the skin care it deserves!

Aveeno Baby Care Range

Your baby's skin is his protective envelope against the outside world. Fragile and vulnerable to everyday aggressions, your baby's skin will not reach the first stage of maturity until your baby turns at least 2 years old. It plays a dual protective and sensory role and requires proper care and attention. As part of the daily skin care routine for your babies, it is necessary to be able to recognize and understand the type of your baby’s skin, in order to be able to use products adapted to each type of skin. Simple skin moisturising products can help relieve your baby’s dry skin.


Formulated with naturally active colloidal oatmeal, Aveeno’s baby products protect, nourish and help moisturize your baby’s sensitive skin. Your precious baby’s skin deserves the best, that’s why AVEENO™ Baby offers three delicate products: AVEENO™ baby hair and body wash, which hydrates the skin and leaves your baby’s hair soft and shiny, and easy to comb. The AVEENO™ baby daily moisture lotion soothes and gives instant relief for dry and sensitive skin. As for the AVEENO™ baby barrier cream, it forms a breathable barrier on the skin, and helps protect from diaper rash and soothes redness and irritation.


The AVEENO™ baby products have been tested by paediatricians and provide the ideal cleansing, moisturising and protection for your baby’s soft and delicate skin.