AVEENO Commitment

We are wholly committed to pioneering the science of Naturally Active Ingredients and delivering skincare solutions formulated to highest quality standards.


JNTL Consumer Health Middle East FZ-LLC does not test cosmetic products or individual ingredients on animals and follows the requirements of the current European Union (EU) animal testing ban. We discontinued animal experiments on cosmetic and personal care products in the EU more than 15 years ago, and European law required the discontinuation of animal experiments for finished cosmetic products as of September 2004.

As part of our mission to advance knowledge of Naturally Active Ingredients, we make it a priority to share research and information on Naturally Active Ingredients with the Health Care Professional community through the Active Naturals™ Institute™ which provides:

  • Participation in Dermatology & Pharmacy congresses
  • Publications in respectable scientific journals
Picture of Naturally Active Ingredients

Our priority is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the role and benefits of Naturally Active Ingredients in skincare whilst always keeping front of mind, our pledge to preserve and care for our precious Earth’s natural resources.